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A woman sits on a couch and posts to FacebookIt can be difficult to talk to people while we’re performing a show.  Sometimes the stage is up high.  Sometimes you’re at the back of the room and don’t feel like coming through the crowd.  Sometimes it’s a noise thing.  But we really do WANT to talk to you.  It’d be great if you all filled out a questionnaire after every song specifying what you’d like to hear next and what you thought of the last song and who you’d like us to shout out to.  But let’s face it – that show would not exactly be fast paced.

And despite his avid pursuit of a mentalist correspondence course, Shawn is as yet unable to read your minds and play bass at the same time.

Enter technology.  The ever-present internet and smart phones have come together to let you have your say.  You can tweet us or post on our Facebook pages so we can ‘hear’ your requests, comments and deliver your shout outs right then and there.

Even if we can’t do Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” in it’s entirety for you we still want to know that you want it (or at least want to test just how good we really are).   You don’t have to be clever or even articulate.  It is the internet after all.  Even a simple emoticon would be great.  And you know we love to pull people out of the crowd who’ve posted or tweeted to come up on stage with us.

Before the show you can RSVP through Facebook to let us know that you’re coming.  We especially like to thank these people for coming out with us, and we’ve also been known to prepare special surprises for our advance notice guests.

When you arrive at the show use FourSquare to check in to our location.  We always make it MS, FS or S4 and then the name of the venue (e.g. MS_WrigleyField).  Fans with the most check-ins are eligible for VIP treatment from the bands.

After the show, when you are back at your desk, browsing through the photos that Christy or Don took, tagging yourself and your friends, keep the comments and suggestions flowing.  We’ll stay in touch!

Are you just not sure about this whole social media thing?  Don’t sweat it.  Find one of our promo people at a show.  They can either show you how to do it or get your message to the band in an analog method (please no more carrier pigeons at indoor venues though).

We’ve always done shows for you and now we get to do shows with you.  Can’t wait to hear from you.

And remember – think clean thoughts whenever Shawn stops playing.

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